StakeDrop: Introducing the Upgraded Airdrop for Delegators to PRYZM’s Validators

3 min readMar 16, 2023


We’re thrilled to announce an upgraded airdrop for PRYZM, allowing delegators to earn more tokens. Our goal is to democratize the token-earning process before the mainnet launch and decentralize ownership through an airdrop distribution, enabling individuals to ‘opt-in’ by delegating to PRYZM’s validators.

(ℹ️) We hold our original Terra Classic community in high regard and announced the airdrop on Nov 25th as a gesture of appreciation. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable as we finalize the methodology. Join the discussion on our Discord channel.

TLDR: Earn up to 200mm (20% of total supply) tokens. Delegators to PRYZM’s ATOM, OSMO & LUNA validators receive 10 tokens per $1 of validator commission donated.

Traditionally, token-earning opportunities before launch have been exclusive to elite VCs, leaving communities to buy in the secondary market. PRYZM’s new airdrop aims to change this by offering an attractive model for existing stakers.

Key points about the improved airdrop methodology:

  1. PRYZM is expected to have a genesis token supply of ~1 billion.
  2. Up to 20% (200 million) of those tokens can be earned by delegators to PRYZM Validators, which are currently live for ATOM, OSMO, and LUNA.
  3. Weekly snapshots will be taken. For each dollar of validator commission donated, delegators receive 10 PRYZM Tokens on the new chain, ensuring an even distribution of airdrops.
  4. A bonus airdrop may be available to stakers who transfer their assets to PRYZM when the mainnet is live and: refract them, provide liquidity, or secure the chain.
  5. Users benefit from price increases in their underlying assets, earning airdrops at a faster rate when prices rise.
  6. Similarly, if commissions are higher, the amount of airdrops will increase.

To illustrate, if Alice delegates her OSMO, ATOM, and LUNA to PRYZM’s validators and earns $100 in staking rewards, paying $10 in validator commission, she’ll earn 100 PRYZM tokens that week.

This new methodology aims to benefit those who support PRYZM by putting more tokens in their hands. It allows users to decide how many tokens they’d like to earn, fostering a stronger community and ensuring long-term success.

By using this methodology, PRYZM is committed to decentralizing ownership and democratizing the process of earning tokens. The hope is to foster a stronger community and ensure the long-term success of PRYZM.

Join us in making PRYZM the most community-centric blockchain. Stay tuned for updates on PRYZM and follow us on Twitter and Medium!

PRYZM is excited to offer this new airdrop methodology to the community and invites users to join in their mission to make PRYZM the most community-centric blockchain. Stay tuned for more updates on PRYZM, and don’t forget to follow on Twitter and Medium!!

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