Interchain Validators Needed: Liquid Staking & Governance for the Multi-Chain Future

2 min readFeb 21, 2024

Yield trading is coming to the Interchain. To generate yield the underlying assets are staked. Pryzm is seeking a diverse set of apex validators who would like to receive delegations of ATOM, OSMO, INJ, LUNA, DYM, TIA and more. We invite you to be part of our early validator set!

Our Pledge to Decentralization

At Pryzm, our mission is to strengthen the decentralization of blockchain networks. We believe decentralization is the foundation of a robust and secure blockchain ecosystem. By using liquid staking derivatives across various host chains, we diversify governance and enhance security, showing our dedication to a decentralized future.

Validator Roadmap

We will start with a smaller set of validators who are positive and active contributors to the host chain ecosystem and the Pryzm community. As the staked amount increases, Pryzm governance will select more validators in consultation with the host chain stakeholders. This strategy gives our community the power to dynamically add or remove validators based on their performance, contribution, and decentralization goals. Validators who are not selected now can still join us later through Pryzm governance.

Validator Selection: A Focus on Community and Ecosystem

The selection of validators for Pryzm’s staking derivatives will be heavily influenced by their engagement and reputation within the host chain communities. Validators demonstrating a strong commitment to the ecosystem, contributing to its growth, and actively participating in governance will be highly regarded. Our selection criteria encompass:

  1. Technical Proficiency and Security: An established record of operational excellence, security measures, and reliability in node management.
  2. Contribution to Host Chain Ecosystems: Active participation in the development, governance, and support of the host chain communities.
  3. Alignment with Pryzm’s Decentralization Vision: A demonstrated commitment to promoting decentralization through practices that distribute power and control.
  4. Community Engagement: Active interaction with both the Pryzm community and the broader ecosystem of the host chains, fostering a cooperative and supportive environment.

A Unique Opportunity for Validators

We are looking for validators who share our passion for advancing blockchain technology, uphold the values of decentralization, want to explore yield trading, and aspire to be part of the innovation of DeFi in the Interchain ecosystem. If you are a validator of ATOM, OSMO, INJ, LUNA, DYM, or TIA, and you believe in our vision for DeFi and a more interconnected and decentralized blockchain ecosystem, we invite you to apply. Your skills, commitment, and vision are essential for our common goal.

Join the Future of Yield

If you would like to apply to be one of the initial validators, please complete this form ➡️




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